Know How, Tecnology and History

SPRING has been designing, manufacturing, selling and installing electronic systems and components for industrial vehicles since 1995. Since the beginning we have chosen to work following excellent levels of quality, guarantee towards the clients that have decided to commission to SPRING the supplies of electronic systems suitable to their demands.

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Research and development

SPRING pursues innovation and technological development by investing in research, equipment and methods. The R&D department works closely with the customer and deals with both the improvement of the range in production, in terms of functionality and reliability, and the development of new products also on specific request.

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Our world are industrial vehicles

Work Machinery, like Cranes, Knuckle Boom Cranes, Aerial Platforms, Concrete Pump Trucks; Earth-Moving Machinery, as Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Concrete Mixers, Machinery for the materialsHandling, such as Forklifts, Telehandlers, Industrial and Forestry Loaders, Conveyor Belts, Machinery for the materials Transport, such as Trucks, Trailers, Demountable Trucks, Roll on off equipment, Tankers, Sewer Cleaners Trucks and Waste Compactors, and much more.

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Integrated management of th emachine

Thanks to our know-how of more than 20 years of working in this sector, SPRING offers to customers a completely integrate management of the machine. Thanks to this logic, every part of the machine is controlled directly by the system. The advantages of this solution are sure: lessinstallation costs and better management of the machine.

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Transition 4.0

The Transition 4.0 Plan is the Government's new industrial policy, which updates the Business Plan 4.0 established in 2018 - and in turn already known as the 4.0 Industry Plan since 2016 - offering great support to companies investing in modernization and digitization of production processes.

Thanks to the purchase of new cutting-edge technologies such as the systems that SPRING has designed, such as BULLDOZERTWO-18, for the whole of 2023, it is possible to take advantage of the tax credit recognized up to 20% of the cost of any new car purchased, including in leasing, starting from 01 January 2023 and up to 31 December 2025, or by 30 June 2026 provided that by 31 December 2025 the relative order is accepted by the seller and the payment of advances has been made in an amount equal to at least 20 percent of the acquisition cost.

Thanks to the new Transition 4.0 plan, the first installment of the contribution can already be used from the year of certification of the interconnection and no longer from the following year. Furthermore, for all tax credits on material capital goods, the use of the credits is reduced to 3 years instead of the 5 years envisaged by current legislation.

That's why the best time to invest in technological innovation and make your industry "4.0", is NOW.

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Why choose SPRING for your Transition 4.0

  • Broad connectivity: the machine is interconnected with the entire fleet and with the industry through intelligent devices and sensors, using new generation connection networks.

  • Digital data availability and analysis: data processing and analysis allow better decisions and forecasts on production and consumption.

  • Interconnection: our systems ability to exchange information with internal systems of the company offers considerable advantages, such as the receipt of orders directly on the machine, without pauses in the production flow.

  • Remote interaction: the devices can be accessed remotely so as to be able to detect data on the correct operation of the machine and the system, monitor production, locate the machine, and monitor remote maintenance.

  • Real time processing and reactions: our systems communicate in real time with the company, this allows us to collect process data in real time and take the related actions / processing.

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GPRS - Machine Monitoring and Production

Thanks to the GPRS module our systems are equipped with, it is possible to completely monitor the machine and the fleet via remote: not only geolocation of the vehicles, but also real time sharing of all the production data, and the possibility to create graphs and statistics and to send orders directly to the operator.

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