SPRING and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the so-called fourth industrial revolution, and SPRING is the solution for every company who wants to be part of the process.

Thanks to our newest and cutting-edge systems, such as BULLDOZER – BOOMERANG – BODYGUARD, you will have the possibility to get not only a great weighing system or load limiter, but also a direct connection between the machines and the company's offices, which will grant a smarter management of the whole fleet and of the single machine, its working areas and time, and of the maintenance schedule. The fourth industrial revolution has already begun, your time to be part of it is NOW.

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Why should you choose SPRING for your Industry 4.0?

  • Broad connectivity: the machine is interconnected with the entire fleet and with the industry through intelligent devices and sensors, using new generation connection networks
  • Digital data availability and analysis: data processing and analysis allow better decisions and forecasts on production and consumption;
  • Interconnection: our systems ability to exchange information with internal systems of the company offers considerable advantages, such as the receipt of orders directly on the machine, without pauses in the production flow;
  • Remote interaction: the devices can be accessed remotely so as to be able to detect data on the correct operation of the machine and the system, monitor production, locate the machine, and monitor remote maintenance;
  • Real time processing and reactions: our systems communicate in real time with the company, this allows us to collect process data in real time and take the related actions / processing.